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Jus Vini

The Journal of Wine & Spirits Law

Jus Vini, the Journal of Wine & Spirits Law, is a bilingual (English/French) peer-reviewed legal journal published twice a year (June and December), promoting legal scholarship in the field of wine and spirits law.

The Journal of Wine & Spirits Law is published with the support of the International Wine Law Association (IWLA) and edited by the Wine & Law Program – A Jean Monnet Chair, of the University of Reims (

Jus Vini publishes articles, essays, case-law notes, reports, briefs and book reviews on national and international laws concerning wines and spirits as well as the analysis of significant case-law and the evolution of the legal theories underpinning the law. The Journal has a strong comparative bent.

Biannual Law Journal in 16 x 24 cm format. Published in June and December.


n°1/2022 n°1/2022

2 issues per year

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Previous publications

Jus Vini N° 1/2018

Tarif : 70 € TTC

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Jus Vini N° 2/2018

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Jus Vini N° 1/2019

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Jus Vini N° 2/2019

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Jus Vini N° 1/2020

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Jus Vini N° 2/2020

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Jus Vini N° 1/2021

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Jus Vini N° 1/2022

Tarif : 70 € TTC

Availiable next January

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Manuscripts can be submitted throughout the year (but no later than January 1st for a publication in May and June 1st for a publication in December), in electronic format only, and in line with the guidelines for authors set out on the Journal’s website. Submissions should not be longer than 80,000 characters (including spaces) for articles, 40,000 characters for essays and reports, 20,000 characters for notes on case-law, briefs and book reviews.

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Gaël Martin

Scientific Board

F. Albisinni (Italy), F. Bin (F), A. Coutant (F), 0. Dubos (F), T. Genesen (USA), T. Genesen (F), C. Lebel (F), S. Lefevre (ECJ/CJUE), C. Legoffic (F), Y. Juban (OIV), B. O'Connor (IT/B), S. Martin (EUIPO), R. Mendelson (USA), C. Noblot (F), R. Raffray (F), S. Stern (AUS), C. Tilloy (F), V. Waye (AUS), L. Zahn (USA), A. Ribeiro de Almeida (P)

Board of editors

Les étudiants sélectionnés du Master 2, Droit du vin et des spiritueux - Reims

Junior editors

N. Boivin, R. Cachard, M. Chrita, J. Combret, P. Esparcel, M. Frohlich, A. Hemart, F. Hulot